Monday, March 23, 2009

A few days ago, I asked wrote a post highlighting the evolution of my computer chronology. I decided to ask the question to my friends on Twitter and Facebook and I received some really awesome feedback. Check out the results. Can you find any patterns here?
Does the processor matter here? Intel engineers dusted off an R&D silicon prototype and our product design team shaped it into a chip some 60% smaller than our regular laptop processors to help fit some of these laptops. Obviously the low power plus high performance combo contributes in multiple ways on size, battery life and performance.
And the final touches on WiMAX "version 2" around 2010 will further boost things. No doubt some of the success of WiMAX, and reviews that have exceeded expectations, have played a role in seeing the LTE folks move up their delivery times some 3 or more years. This is a good thing.
The good news here is, if LTE can get its technology specification done -- and get the money and engineering to start testing and rolling out its network on top of just deploying 3G -- those who crave a super-fast wireless connection will be super-pleased as LTE catches up.
What a month for wireless broadband news...and it's only just after St. Patrick's Day. The press sure loves a controversy, and within the last 20 days or so, we've seen a slew of news ranging from LTE planning some 30 or so cities by 2010 to Clearwire initially facing some press scrutiny -- but then following up with an 80-city rollout plan, including Vegas, Chicago and even Honolulu to many more in 2010. And, bringing a telecom veteran to run the company.